Walgreens Deck

Enjoy a party during any occasion on the Walgreens Deck




The Walgreens Deck at Steinbrenner Field: At the corner of Happy & Healthy

The Walgreens Deck located at the Corner of Happy & Healthy is one of Steinbrenner Field's most unique party areas. With an event capacity of 500-700 people, this outdoor party space has endless year-round possibilities. The Walgreens deck is a casual, fun atmosphere with a beautiful view of Steinbrenner Field, along with a built in bar and buffet station.

Family reunions, holiday parties, corporate events, birthday parties and picnics are only some of the possibilities this outdoor area can accomodate. If you have an idea for an event or would like more information, contact our staff at 813-875-7753. We look forward to assisting you with your next event at Steinbrenner Field.  



For information regarding Spring Training Pregame events on the Walgreens Deck please click here.


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